Core Values Of Excellence

Quality, Defensible Reports.
Nation-Wide Coverage.

With over 1,200 assessors across Canada, IMA Solutions is a proven leader in the field of independent medical and paramedical examinations. Through our extensive network of accredited and experienced medical and rehabilitation specialists we are able to provide our customers timely access to best in class evaluators in all disciplines.

Our services whether physical evaluations or paper based medical file reviews are evidence-based and performed in accordance with the highest medical standards and all relevant legislation and guidelines, delivering objective, clinically-informed reports for negotiation and settlement of insurance and benefit claims.

We Provide Expert
Independent Medical Assessments

Insurance Companies – We are on the preferred vendor lists for many of the largest insurance companies in both the Auto Insurance and Life and Disability Insurance industries.

  • Employers – Both unionized and non-unionized environments
  • Medical/Legal Services
  • Government Agencies

Core Values Of Excellence


Our mission is to provide quality, objective, cost effective solutions to challenges in the physical and psychological assessment process that are delivered in a timely fashion using a customized approach in an environment that values people.  SOMA strives to remain a leader in its field by being recognized for the quality of its services, the variety of healthcare services offered, timeliness, professionalism and superior customer service.


Our customer-first approach, is to consistently provide defensible reports of superior quality through employing the most skilled and experienced staff possible, utilizing highly qualified, experienced assessors, focusing on quality and continuous improvement, practicing leadership in the industry and developing long lasting partnerships with our customers. We prioritize the dignity and respect of all parties involved.

Collaboration with our experts across the following disciplines:

Anesthesiology Hepatology Orthopaedics
Cardiac Surgery Immunology Otolaryngology (ENT)
Cardiology Infectious Diseases Paediatrics
Chiropractic Internal Medicine Physiatry
Chronic Fatigue/Pain Kinesiology Physiotherapy
Dentistry Nephrology Plastic Surgery
Dermatology Neurology Psychiatry
Diagnostics – MRI, etc Neuro-ophthalmology Psychology
Endocrinology Neuropsychology Radiology
Fibromyalgia Neurosurgery Rheumatology
Gastroenterology Obstetrics/Gynaecology Urology
Gastric Surgery Occupational Medicine Vascular Surgery
General Surgery Occupational Therapy  
Haematology Ophthalmology  


Contribution is a SOMA Medical core value and we take is seriously, we are contributors to the examinee experience, the client experience and the overall experience related to the outcomes whether is medical-legal, insurance or employment related we value contributing to the outcome that resolves the matter best for everyone.

We strive to ensure the persons served are respected throughout the process as is codified in our “examinee” section. Our corporate contributions can be seen in our “core values” section which outlines the many worthy causes SOMA Medical supports Canada wide in our efforts to contribute in a positive and meaningful way.

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